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It's beautiful but the handle chipped in the first ten minutes after I washed it.

I love my Milo

It was a long wait for the arrival of the Milo, as it was a gift to myself for father's day. I am completely happy with this product in every way. As an aspiring amateur chef, I'm enjoying learning, and painfully aware that one needs the right tools, though one (I) can't always afford the quality I would like. Milo seems to be an exception, and a welcome one. I've used it nearly every day since I got it, (and in summer, i think i'm reaching for recipes, just to use my new toy), and it's been a joy to use, easy to clean and beautiful to look at. Now I'm going to try baking bread this weekend.



Wonderful Dutch Oven

I love this dutch oven. Heats evenly, without hot spots. My chicken and yellow rice dish was fantastic. Rave reviews. I will use this now for mostly everything that is a one pot meal, or not. Next; Roast Chicken. Thank you for this. It seems like it works as well as my Staub.

Warn and wonderful

Bread has always scared me, waited for this pot to start my baking. Have made bread weekly and have now purchased three pots that have a lovely bronze caste of loyal service.

Milo Dutch oven

It is lighter but the nob on the lid has no insulation and nearly get burn without the mitten! Lesson learned.
Overall, satisfy either the pot and the size is just right with one pot meal for weekday cooking.

LOVE it!

I almost succumbed to the La Creuset lavender Dutch Oven (for $300+!), and I'm glad I didn't. I absolutely love the Milo white Dutch oven. I've only used it once so far (the second time will be soon), Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon, and the result was magnificent. The clean up was a total breeze. I have a small kitchen and little storage, so at present, it is living on my stove, in total view and it's part of the kitchen decor.

High Level Performance

Recently purchased the Milo as an early adopter and pleased to report that it lives up to the promise of a high quality Dutch Oven. I have made a variety of dishes with it and it has handled each dish with aplomb.


I have been looking for a cast iron Dutch oven of this quality for years. They have always been too expensive, too small or cheaply made. Thanks guys

Looks great

Good weight, perfect size for most dishes. White works with all.

Milo Dutch Oven

As you know, the first oven I received had a slight imperfection, but that was rapidly corrected when you replaced the oven with no hassles. Since receiving the new perfect one, I've made a loaf of no-knead bread, a pot of cowboy beans and terrific fluffy rice. Couldn't be happier with your product or your service. The white color worried me at first, but it looks so good on my stove top, I just leave it out. My girlfriends are wowed by the oven and the price. Will gift these with joy!

Great Gift

I bought this as a gift for my wife. She absolutely loved it! She's already used it several times and loves the way it cooks. Will definitely recommend this product!

Karen's comments

Have made soup and Aristotle in it. Both were delicious and clean up was easy. I followed the clean up recommendations in the email I received after my purchase

Dutch oven

Have had the Dutch oven for a few weeks, and overall I’m pleased. The first one developed a chip in the interior lid enamel at the handle site after the first use. Zach was great, replaced it immediately. Have used the new one a few times since then.

Pros- looks pretty, cooks evenly, lid fits nicely, customer service was great. Enamel is smooth.

Cons- handle gets hot. There is a small leak at the handle which leads to a little staining on the outside of the lid at the base of the handle. I wonder if this is what led to enamel chipping on the first one.

Pro/con depending on personal view- white shows all stains.

I do not have the French “gold standard” Dutch oven to compare, but I do have the French company’s enameled braiser and an oval Dutch oven from the other French company. Have used more economic enameled Dutch ovens made by other companies and a non-enameled aluminum version. I feel there is a definite difference in quality between the French ones and all others, including the Milo.

Is the Milo closer to the French ones than anyone else? I’m not convinced yet, but I want it to be.

Highly Recommended

I used my Milo last night and I saw no noticeable difference from the more expensive brand that I own. Going forward, I intend to give these as gifts.

Loved it!

I gave this to my niece for her wedding shower. She had a larger 8 qt enameled stock pot on her registry, so I knew she liked these heavier pots. For a newlywed couple, a 6 qt pot is perfect for stews, soups and baking that perfect round loaf of bread. She loved it!

Now a Part of the Family

I teach folks how to cook and entertain. I also help new cooks how to organize and stock their kitchens. This Dutch Oven is now on my list of "must-haves". My students have used the Milo to braise short ribs, make soup, bake bread, and lots of other cooking fun. With the reasonable point and good looks it's my new "go-to" pot.I recommend it for everyone.

Milo Review

Seems to be a very high quality piece of cookware. It heats well and evenly. I am anxious to make pulled pork later this week.

A Substantial Pot for a Nominal Investment

I'll admit, I was so captivated by the MILO advertising that I bought it on impulse, without a specific plan for its use (or location in my one-bedroom condo...) Last weekend, I made no-knead bread in the MILO that was so good I made a second loaf almost immediately. As for storage, I proudly display my MILO on a tabletop - it's too beautiful to hide in a cupboard! I'm now scouring the internet for recipes to maximize the MILO's weight and superior heat distribution properties. I'm in love with MILO!

Beautiful and incredible quality

I have already made a few dishes with my new pot, it holds the heat really well and looks gorgeous on our stove. I would absolutely buy it again.

Great Oven!

Love the versatility and quality of the build. Performs just as good as those more expensive ones!

Simply Amazing

This item arrived very well packaged. Solid construction. First time out we made a pot roast. Was able to sear the pot roast before adding the broth in the pot. It went from stove top to oven to table. Such a Great value

Awesome Pot

I’ve been cooking for many years and have owned many Dutch ovens including my mothers from the 1950’s and my Milo is in the same league as the much more expensive pieces and better than the older pans. I highly recommend this pan!


After 45 years of cooking daily meals for my family, I have to say that the Milo Dutch Oven is the one that has performed the best pot roast ever! It works well on top of the stove as well as in the oven, cooking evenly and reliably---which I can't say about my crock pot, or many other pots I've used. Fantastic! I'd be happy to try out other cooking utensils from Milo anytime.

love it

great product. great price.