Why Milo?
Why is Milo so heavy?

Why do you recommend cooking with cast iron?

What sorts of products should I use for cooking?
Why doesn't Milo have the small nubs on the inside of the lid like some other brands?
Where is Milo made?
  • We proudly make our cookware in China, just outside of Beijing. We've spent a lot of hours there working with the engineering team and it's a pretty incredible operation! 
What's the best way to clean my Milo?
Why do brown specks form on the base of my Milo?
Is the enamel surface scratch-resistant?
What are the benefits of a glossy enamel over a matte finish I've seen elsewhere?
Is Milo non-stick?
What temperature should I cook at?
Can my Milo also be used on glass ceramic stovetops?
Do the handles get hot?
What is the lifetime warranty?
What does cast iron consist of?

What's the difference between my $95 Milo and some of the three to four hundred dollar dutch ovens of the same size?

What are your international shipping policies?

How can I get in touch with someone from your team?