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Why Milo?
  • Premium enamel coating
  • Long-lasting and durable materials
  • Does not discolor or rust with normal use
  • Scratch-resistant with wooden and silicone tools
  • Our enamel base works on all heat sources
  • Solid Stainless Steel knobs on the lid to withstand the highest temperatures
Why is Milo so heavy?
  • Cast Iron is heavy, by nature. The thicker the walls are, the better the heat retention!

Why do you recommend cooking with cast iron?

  • A slow simmering process at low temperatures gives a more intense flavor to your food
  • Most simply,  cast iron retains and evenly distributes heat for a long, long time
  • It retains the heat for longer and keeps the food warm until you are ready to serve it
  • The heavy lid ensures that moisture is retained and that dishes acquire a more complex, rich flavor profile
What sorts of products should I use for cooking?
  • We recommend the use of plastic/silicone or wood utensils in order to avoid scratches on the enamel surface.
Why doesn't Milo have the small nubs on the inside of the lid like some other brands?
  • We think the nubs are a gimmick and our whole philosophy is streamlining the cooking process with as few distractions as possible. Nubs are useless and expensive and you don't need them (neither do we.)
  • Nubs are for basting. With our lid and every other lid without nubs, basting occurs naturally. Steam rises, collects on the interior of the lid, then drops back down into the pot, naturally and evenly. That's basting 101.
Where is Milo made?
  • We proudly make our cookware in China, just outside of Beijing. We've spent a lot of hours there working with the engineering team and it's a pretty incredible operation! 
What's the best way to clean my Milo?
  • We recommend by hand, with a sponge and some soft soap. You can totally put it in the dishwasher but you can expect it to have a longer life outside of it!
  • If there is food being stubborn and sticking, we recommend a light soap and warm water soak overnight. By the morning, you should be all good!
Why do brown specks form on the base of my Milo?
  • Firstly, this is a sign of character and that's something we like to embrace! That said, this is a natural consequence of the slow cooking process. Most brown spots can be removed by rubbing with a non-abrasive cleaning product. Occasionally, a very thin coat of oil with a brush or paper towel to the inside will ensure a long, happy, healthy life.
Is the enamel surface scratch-resistant?
  • Enamel is a type of glass, so it's mostly scratch-resistant, but we'd prefer if you didn't test it. Over time, you'll begin to see slight signs of wear, most of which can be cleaned with a little warm water and soap or some bar keepers friend.
What are the benefits of a glossy enamel over a matte finish I've seen elsewhere?
  • Our premium enamel is a safe, consistent, cleaner way to cook.
Is Milo non-stick?
  • We don't believe in non-stick surfaces, but rather, naturally non-stick properties. While our enamel is not specifically non-stick, with the right technique, it's just as non-stick as you'd hope.
What temperature should I cook at?
  • We recommend simmering on a medium heat which is gradually reduced. Due to the unparalleled heat distribution of cast iron, it is not necessary to cook at high temperatures. That said, if high-heat is the only way you like to cook, we recommend gradually raising the temperature to avoid thermal shock.
Can my Milo also be used on glass ceramic stovetops?
  • Yes! Milo can be used on all oven types including induction.
Do the handles get hot?
  • Yes. The handles are a part of the pot and will get very hot. Please use gloves or pot-holders. Our lid knobs are made of stainless steel and are heat-resistant up to 450°F. To avoid burns always use oven cloths or oven gloves when you pick up your Milo.
What is the lifetime warranty?
  • We offer a lifetime warranty. That means, if at any point in the lifetime of your Milo it becomes unusable due to normal use, we'll replace it, free of charge. If you can't tell, we really believe in Milo.
  • For the lifetime of the product, Milo will replace any item found to be defective in material or craftsmanship when subject to normal home use and cared for per the included instructions. Minor imperfections, surface marks as a result of shipping, and minor color imperfections are natural and normal and only add character. Our lifetime warranty excludes damage from misuse, abuse, improper care & cleaning, neglect, accident, fire, or commercial use.
What does cast iron consist of?
  • Cast iron is a compound of carbon-enriched iron. It also contains silicone, manganese, phosphorus, and sulfur.

What's the difference between my $95 Milo and some of the three to four hundred dollar dutch ovens of the same size?

  • We ask ourselves that every day. The answer is a lot of middle-men, a big corporate team to pay, and huge marketing expenses that someone has to pay. Milo is paving the new way of direct to consumer cookware. We are the only middle-man. That means no brick and mortar relationships, no distributors, no sales reps to pay commissions to, and nothing else. From the factory to you. That's why!

What are your international shipping policies?

  • We ship internationally for a flat rate of $50. Please note that taxes and duties are not included and will be calculated upon receipt and you'll need to pay those for the goods to be released from customs.
How can I get in touch with someone from your team?